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Why you need a fitness routine goes beyond the waistline so, we have come with all about women’s fitness.


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Is there a difference between women’s fitness and men’s fitness needs?

Yes. While the physiological systems for both are the same, training a woman can be different from training a man.

Women may train as hard as men, but the results they get are never completely the same.  The fitness differences between men and women are closely related to genetics and hormones.

You shouldn’t worry if you’re not achieving the same fitness goals as your male friends – your bodies are built differently, and what works for him may not be suitable for you.

Understanding the differences between women’s fitness and men’s fitness is important if you want to find the exercise routine that works best for you.

Exercise Tips

The hacks, tips, and tricks of exercise for the modern woman in a modern world.

The checklist to a hotter you. Fun, practical workout strategies that actually work!

Healthy Eating

Did they say you are what you eat? Well, guess what?

They were Right!

Eating healthy is easier thank you think. Take small, consistent steps, each week to improve your nutrition and move toward a healthier you.


Just how healthy are you? Healthy living goes beyond eating and exercising.

We’ll tell you what it’s all about.


Looking to keep your new relationship strong?

Want to repair one that’s on the rocks?

These tips will help

The benefits of women’s fitness workouts

Do you want a trim waistline, that luminous skin, and shiny hair? How about better sex life and less stress? As a woman, you can have all that by adding a little exercise to your lifestyle. Working out does more than helping you fit into the little black dress you bought for Christmas. It improves your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, so you don’t just look healthy, but be healthy too!

Tone and Strengthen your muscles

You may already be aware that exercise helps you build muscle mass, but did you know that as you age, your body has a harder time building muscle and also tends to lose what you already have? Exercising lets your body retain and build muscle, so you have enough in the bank. More muscle means a healthier metabolism, improved endurance and, of course, you’ll be more fit.

Keep your weight in check

Although both men and women both tend to gain weight as they age, women have special challenges. The weight gain of pregnancy sometimes lingers long past delivery. During menopause, women lose estrogen, and the body redistributes fat cells to the belly, which can frustrate your weight loss efforts. Exercising counters these effects by helping you build and maintain lean muscle, as well as burn excess calories that would otherwise turn into fat.

You’ll actually look great

In addition to that coveted waistline, working betters your blood circulation, giving your skin a dose of oxygenated blood. This encourages and improves detoxification, causing your body to shed dead skin cells, making you look and feel vibrant. Better blood flow to your scalp also makes your hair strands stronger and healthier. Additionally, by limiting the production of acne-causing DHEA and DHT hormone, exercise fights acne and makes your skin glow.

Good Mood and Less Stress

Exercise releases endorphins, the neurotransmitters that prevent pain, improve mood, and fight depression. An increase in endorphins naturally reduces stress and anxiety. Endorphins also excite the mind, improving alertness, and increasing energy. Weight-training can brighten your entire day or help you fight a bad one.

Lower the risk of lifestyle diseases and conditions

Exercising improves cardiovascular health by lowering the bad cholesterol and increasing the good one, thus lowering blood pressure. It also improves how your body processes sugar, which reduces your risk of diabetes. Resistance training is the best way to increase bone density, and this reduces the risks of osteoporosis and bone loss.


A fitness routine is also an essential aspect of women’s fitness and health, no matter your age, regular physical activity will not only help you tackle weight-related issues but can even enable you to prevent conditions associated with weight gain.

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