A rug is a rug, right?  Not when it comes to yoga. This article reviews what are considered the best yoga mats for different situations.

In yoga, your rug is your personal space. This is where you happen to find Zen, strength, relief — everything that drives your yoga practice. But it’s hard to get there when you have a rug that impedes your flow. Even the most desperate yogi can get angry if his hands begin to slip, or their wrists feel as if they were planted right on the wooden floor. “If you practice regularly, you should invest in your own mat,” says Christine McGee, a Peloton yoga teacher.

Most yoga mats look pretty similar, but there are slight differences in thickness, material, texture, and grip or stickiness that can affect how you move. This last attribute is one of the most essential elements for yogis: “The rug should have such a good grip from the start,” says McGee. “If you find yourself gliding too much, this is not a good sign.” All these additional movements will distract you from being present and focusing on your flow – the whole point of yoga.

A textured mat usually provides more grip, but the material can also affect grip. “Most mats are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC),” said Kevin Schaefer, gear and yoga instructor at Backcountry e-bookstore. PVC was an OG sticky rug. But now there are more environmentally friendly mats made from natural and recycled rubber or other natural materials that provide the same grip. “Rubber is my choice – it is solid and great for balancing postures, but with some thickness, so it’s convenient when you use floor and gravity.” 

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Comfort is another essential factor for yogis, and the thickness of the mat determines this. “Your travel mats can be between 1 mm thick and 3 mm thick average plush,” Schäfer explains. “Your regular home rug will be 3 to 6 mm thick. And if you want extra comfort, you can go 7 mm more.” Some people need more stuffing than others, so it’s essential to find out what you like (and your joints).

A right rug may be an investment, but worth it. “If you take care of them, yoga mats can last quite a long time – at least five years!” says McGee. This means that you can wipe it after a workout (every time it would be great, but at least once a week), as well as thoroughly clean it and let it dry once a month, she adds. McGee recommends Jo-Sha Yoga Cleansing Wipes.

But a yoga mat should not destroy a bank. Here are the many winners for all wallets, regardless of whether you are looking for a budget entry option or one that you can take with you.

Hugger Mugger Para Rubber XL Yoga Mat

The standard size of a yoga mat is 68 inches by 24 inches.  But if you are really tall, this is not entirely ideal. Hugger Mugger’s Para Rubber XL Yoga Mat measures 78 inches by 28 inches, so your long limbs have plenty of room on the mat.

Even someone who fits perfectly into a standard rug will love the extra surface for creative sequences in which you use every inch of your rug. The mat also has an excellent grip on both sides, made of natural rubber, which is exceptionally durable and has a thickness of 6 mm with superior cushioning.

Best extra big

Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

While pure colors are the norm for yoga mats, sometimes you want something more stylish. Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat gives your vinyasa a little color and more than 24 patterns. Moreover, the pillow is very thick, providing you support where you need it, and does not slip, helping you maintain smoothness without falling.

Reviewers are pleased with the design to revitalize their home workouts, and many think the thickness is right for practicing yoga.

Best Design

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

This mat is heavier than most (7.5 pounds versus average 4-5 pounds), but this extra weight contributes to strength and stability when practicing yoga outdoors and on uneven surfaces.

Please note that Manduka rugs must be broken, otherwise they will remain slippery. Many people speed up the break-in process with a salty scrub.

Although this is probably inconvenient, most buyers say that the hacking process justifies the quality and durability of the mat.

Best Yoga Mat for Outdoor Training

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

This 4.8mm yoga mat is the most popular Jade mat. It offers impeccable traction and an ample pillow and is also very lightweight. The grip is another notable feature. Thanks to the design of the open-cell mat, it absorbs moisture, so you can avoid slipping everywhere.

It doesn’t absorb as well as mats designed for hot yoga, but a yoga brand terry towel fits well and sticks well if you sweat quite a bit. Jade products rise to a new level.

Rugs are made from natural rubber, which is made from rubber trees, which is a rapidly renewable resource. They are made in the United States and comply with all US environmental, labor, and consumer protection laws. In addition, for every rug sold, Jade plants a tree!

Best eco-friendly

Liforme Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines

It is impossible to get all the benefits of yoga for the body if you do not nail the correct form. The Liforme Yoga Mat helps you stay in the center- literally – with smart marks that indicate where your arms, legs, and center should be for the correct location. (Labels are engraved directly on the surface of the mat, so they will be there while you are.)

This mat is located at the thinner end of the 4.2 mm spectrum, but between the natural layer located between the natural rubber layers, which provide additional support and stability. And at a length of about 73 inches, you have enough space to deepen these lunges.

The best yoga mat with alignment

Gaiam Performance Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

Gaiam has always offered a really simple and surprisingly reliable rug. The dry grip option is the brand’s best-selling yoga mat and is equipped with a mat sticky with or without a sweat. While some mats can move around by sliding across the floor, this option remains in place. Even if you start to sweat and you need to put a towel for yoga, this provides a good grip surface.

The mat allows you to dive deeper into the posture thanks to a top layer that removes moisture and provides an excellent grip when sweating. A 5mm PVC mat is great for those who cannot use a rubber mat due to latex sensitivity.

The lightweight and durable rug also provides ample cushioning to support the joints.

Best overall

Final Say about Best Yoga Mats

You believe there were so many variety of yoga mats in the market.    We have identified a number of the best yoga mats available.

I personally prefer the softer non-slip yoga mats to use when I exercise.  What is your preference?


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