Bicycles Crunches is one of the very best abdominal and obliques muscles strengthening exercises around. It will also activate the rectus abdominis – your upper abdominal muscle. It also dramatically strengthens your core and help maintain good posture. The Bicycle Crunches are about 250% better than standard crunches.

It is an excellent way to help tone your tummy and lose weight, but it will not necessarily make your tummy flat. You will need to body fat from all over the body for that to happen. Bicycle crunches are a great cardio exercise and will be strength and endurance.

4-8 Minutes

Muscle Group
Abdominals, Obliques, Quads


Fitness Type
Strength, Stretch

Safety Icon

Safety Tips

You should not feel any pain on your lower back, hips, or neck while doing the routine. You will definitely feel a little burn in your abs, but no sharp pain should be felt.


Equipment Required

Any mat will be suitable for this exercise. .

Yoga Mats are suitable to be used in this workout.   Read our review on the various types of mats available.

Number of Reps and/or Length of Time


3-4 minutes
3-5 reps
1-2 second hold
2-3 sets


3-5 minutes
5-10 reps
2-5 second hold
2-4 sets


4-8 minutes
10-20 reps
3-6 second hold
2-4 sets


Step 1  Watch the instructional video, then read the following for clarification.

Step 2  Lie flat on a mat and face the ceiling and arms parallel to your body.

Step 3  Inhale and contract your spine and abs.

Step 4  Exhale as you engage your core and shoulder to raise your hips off the floor. Use your arms to assist.

Remember to keep your neck and head rested on the floor.

Step 5  Hold in the highest position for the time to your level.

Step 6  Slowly lower your hips pausing a moment.

Step 7  Repeat steps 4-6 for your number of reps

Step 8  Rest between sets.

Exercise Notes

  1. Keep your torso in a straight line with feet the same distance from your body
  2. Do this exercise at the beginning of your workout. It will warm you the lower body ready for more strenuous exercises
Make it happen and shock everyone

Fitness Tip

Choose a fitness regime that fits into your lifestyle. Though do try to make it at least 4 vigorous sessions of a minimum of 30 minutes each.

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