The Abdominal Ball Crunch with Twist requires controls and strength to undertake. The ball provides lots of lateral movement that requires the core intelligence to work.

This exercise helps tone the tummy muscles as well as strengthening your spinal muscles that will manage, reduce or prevent back pain. It also provides the fundaments of good posture and aids in your balance.

3-6 Minutes

Muscle Group
Abdominals, Internal & External Obliques


Fitness Type

Safety Icon

Safety Tips

Doing this exercise puts a lot of stress on the lower back, so you should avoid this if you have a back injury. If any pain is felt during the performance, end the exercise immediately.


Equipment Required

You will need a Balance Ball for this exercise. and and maybe a Yoga Mats.

Might need a fixed bench to support your weight during the exercise

Number of Reps and/or Length of Time


3-5 minutes
5-10 reps
2-3 sets


4-6 minutes
10-20 reps
3-4 sets


4-6 minutes
15-30 reps
3-4 sets


Step 1  Watch the instructional video, then read the following for clarification.

Step 2  Lie back on a Swiss ball with the ball should be under your hips and lower back.

Step 3  Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Place your feet on the floor about shoulder-width apart.

Step 4  Put your hands behind your head with interlaced fingers if you find this difficult cross your arms.

Step 5  Crunch your abs toward your knees and twist to the left. Make sure your back is still touching the ball.

Step 6  Release your abs from contraction and lie back to the ball.

Step 7  Crunch your abs toward your knees and twist to the right. Make sure your back is still touching the ball.

Step 8  Repeat Steps 5-7 to the number you feel comfortable

Step 9  Rest at the end of the reps and repeat.

Exercise Notes

  1. If you find it challenging with your hands on your head, do this with arms across your chest
  2. You can make it more difficult by placing the ball lower down on your hips.
  3. You may need something to hold your feet down, like a bench to keep you stable.
Make it happen and shock everyone

Fitness Tip

Choose a fitness regime that fits into your lifestyle. Though do try to make it at least 4 vigorous sessions of a minimum of 30 minutes each.

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