This post is going to review what we considered the most popular and best kettlebells that are available in the market place. We have asked and obtained feedback gym instructors, exercises, and physio to provide valuable feedback on the 5 best kettlebells for reviewing.

The purchasing of a kettlebell is not necessarily a straightforward purchase. There is a lot to consider whether it is right for yourself. Further, in this article, we some valuable information around the history of kettlebells, the benefits, how to choose a kettlebell, and what weight kettlebell is right for you.

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Best Kettlebells

What is a Kettlebell?

Traditionally a kettlebell is made from cast iron that is round in shape with a horseshoe handle. Some Kettlebells now they do come in plastic molds and sand-filled weights. It resembles a cannonball with a handle. It comes in different weights and sizes. It used for strength and fitness exercises.

Kettlebell History

The origins of the modern-day Kettlebell had its first origins 17th century in Russia. It was known as Girya and was shaped like a pyramid. It was not intended at that time to be used as an exercise device but rather as the weight used as counterweight scales for grain and meat

In English speaking countries, the “Girya” was renamed “Kettlebell” as it looked like the old fashion cast iron teapot with the snot broken off

From these humble beginnings, it was identified that it had the potential to become a good piece of exercise equipment to build strength, balance, and flexibility. Over time, the kettlebell shape was refined to look more like a cannonball with a handle along with developed exercises for fitness, stamina, flexibility, and strength.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Kettlebell became popular in local Russsian farming community festivals, markets, and events from lifting, swinging to juggling to throwing. The local farmers it was symbolic of their strength. It became a competitive sport in Russia during this period. It one of Russia oldest competitive sports

In the same period, many militaries identified the Kettlebells as an ideal way to build conditioning and strength to there military personnel

Now in the 21st century, some 300 years later, the Kettlebell has not substantially changed its shape. However, there has been some advancement in handles, weight distribution to provide safer and effectiveness of exercise equipment.

In the last 20 years, there has been a resurgence of the Kettlebell as a piece of exercise equipment. There are commonly being used as part of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) training classes. Most outdoor park fitness classes have kettlebells are part of the kit,

In 1948 Kettlebells officially became a sport and has grown globally. Now there are close to 73 countries where there are regular Kettlebell sporting competitions. As yet, it is not an Olympic Sport

Kettlebells vs. Barbells

Best-Kettlebells vs Best Dumbells

Kettlebells and Barbells are often compared when they really shouldn’t. They both have a purpose in training and should be used in combination.

First of all, other than the obvious shape difference, barbells have a structure weight distribution, whereas the weight is unevenly distributed within the Kettlebell.

Secondly, there are not many of the basic fundamental exercises that are the same. The Kettlebell exercises are designed to focus on building core strength, co-ordination, and balance, whereas dumbells exercises are focusing on building strength for specific muscle groups.

Did you know?

The core muscle group (abdominals and lower, middle, and upper back) is considered the most important as it is the base support of the complete body. The core muscle group supports the spine, pelvis, and connection between the upper and lower limbs.

The core muscles are used in every part of our lives, from getting out of bed to sitting upright to keeping our balance.

Kettlebells do not come in small incremental weights, as do barbells. Barbells are designed to easily add small incremental weights whereas kettlebells increase have significantly larger incremental weight changes

Finally, for the average person, kettlebells exercises are safer, simpler, and quicker to learn than the more technical barbell weight training. The design of Kettlebell exercises is faster and repetitive than barbell training. Kettlebell exercise routines that allow to quickly switching unilateral to bilateral exercises.

The Fundamental Kettlebell Exercise

The first traditional and still the most popular kettlebell exercise is the Kettlebell Swing. There are two forms, one where the Kettlebell is only lifted to eye hight and the other above the head. The later has more susceptible to people injuring themselves.

Most park fitness classes predominately only do the Kettlebell swing exercises.

There are several designed Kettlebell exercises.

Kettlebell Swing Start
Kettlebell Swing Start Front
Kettlebell Swing Eye Level
Best Kettlebell Swing Top

Benefits of Kettlebells Exercises

The standard kettlebell swing is one of the few exercises that stimulate all the body rather than specific parts. It exercises the body’s core muscles. One of the key differences to any other form of exercise is that it works both core muscle in an eccentric, isometric, and concentric states.

The swing involves multi-dimensional, vertical, horizontal, acceleration, deceleration, and re-directional forces of the kettlebell swing. causing the complete range of skeletal muscle contractions

Doing any exercise is so vital to the overall welfare of the body, and kettlebell exercise is no different. It improves core muscle strength that provides better stability, by the vigorous nature of the training it improves cardiovascular blood flow which all, in turn, increases in flexibility strength, endurance, and power.

With the kettlebells swinging exercises, it requires much control as the weight that is being moved in around 8″ further past your hands, the off-set center of gravity, making it harder to control. The swing motion forces of the kettlebell force body mechanics of the core muscles to work in an elaborate manner efficient manner that much more beneficial than just lifting weights.

Here is a summary of the key benefits for

Full-body Conditioning
Kettlebell exercises manage to work all the muscles in our body. It builds the five components of fitness; increasing strength; develops muscular endurance, improves flexibility; cardiovascular endurance, and fosters improved balance co-ordination.
Using It kettlebell fitness program is an efficient time as you don’t need to do multiple range exercises to work of different muscle groups
Increase Core Stability
It is known by having a strong, flexible core strength, and it improves your overall well being. The nature of using the kettlebell fitness program is that its an explosive exercise (also known as Balistric training), requiring control, focus, and endurance.

Using the Kettlebell in your exercise regime, it works your core muscle groups in Isometric, Isotonic, Isovelocity, or Isokinetic, Concentric contraction manner, as well as requiring controlled breathing during the intense fitness workout. The Kettlebell exercises provide an all-round fitness improvement program that not only your strength to improve your stability as well as physical body dynamics.

Improved Body Co-ordination
Kettlebell training is a dynamic exercise. It requires strong control and focuses. It heightens your overall awareness of all parts of your body simultaneously, unlike any form of exercise. The mental awareness intensified during the activity, enhancing the mind to muscle connection. This mind-to-body control is known as “proprioception” – awareness/perception of positioning and movement of the body
Develops Body Balance
As you are no doubt, aware, balance is essential in every aspect of our lives. In my article, Can you improve your Body Balance? it articulates the need to have excellent body balance. Kettlebell exercise is an exceptional way to develop body balance as not only building core strength; it improves mind control.
High-Calorie Workout
Kettlebells exercises are one of the highest calorie-burning exercises around. It has the potential to burn 1200 calories per hour. Most workouts are about 20 minutes, equating to 400 calories. With such an intense calorie burn, the EPOC process, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption process, will be higher than other forms of exercise.

Typical calorie after-burn rate after the fitness training is between 6-15%, which can last up to the next day.

Cardiovascular Health Improvements
Kettlebell training is a HITT (high-intensity interval training) or Metabolic workout (low weight, high rep, high intensity based workouts). These training sessions are intense, focusing on burning a serious amount of energy in a short period of time.

These workouts are a serious cardiovascular workout obtaining the same cardio results in half the time when comparing it to running or cycling due to the nature of the explosive training.

Best Kettlebells Gym Work
Lower Body Strengthening
The Kettlebell swing is an awesome hip strengthening exercise like no other. Not only does it provide strength, but it also increases hip flexibility that prevents injury, including body stability and balance.

It is known that inferior hip flex muscles are one of the biggest contributors to back problems.

Increased Mobility, Movement & Flexibility
The rapid high velocity of Kettlebells exercises increases movement throughout the body. The swing forces the body to stretch in a multi-direction that natural results to improved flexibility, mobility, movement, and flexibility. This will all lead to improved core body stability and improved balance and lowering your chance of injury.
Avoids Muscle Bulk
My most standards, people like to be toned and have firm defined muscles. Most people are not interested in building muscle bulk. Kettlebells exercise is designed to build overall fitness and intended to drive towards having lean, dense muscles.

This is not to say, doing Kettlebells will not build muscles, it’s more that the muscle bulk will not appear to the same extent as using barbells.

Kettlebells exercises are not intended to work to bigs weights but build explosive cardiovascular fitness with high repetitions and intense workouts. This type of training boosting testosterone is also known as a metabolic workout.

Enhances Posture
In today’s sedentary lifestyle, working in offices, sitting on lounges, and playing with mobile phones, detrimentally impact our posture. This is occurring by the weakening and of the core muscles and the posterior chain.

The posterior chain is the set of muscles at the backside of your body. It includes hamstrings, gluteus, trapezius, posterior deltoids, and erector spinae.

The Kettlebells Swing works all the posterior chain hence provide support for a better posture.

Hand Strength
Without knowing it, using the Kettlebells builds the hand muscles. By the sheer nature of holding and swing the weight strengthens your hand.

Hand strength is essential on so many fronts. One is it is an indication of your overall health as documents the in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Body Muscle Imbalance
Body muscle imbalance happens all to often each of us. They occur for different reasons from:

  • Natural development.
  • Daily activities
  • Inactivity.
  • Poor posture

Unbalanced training program, eg tennis
There are two main types muscle imbalance, Body and Joint.

With continued long term muscle imbalance can lead to some serious problems resulting in mobility issues and pain. It can also lead to injury to ligaments, joints, tendons, and fascia.

By the nature of Kettlebells swing body and joint muscles develop and strengthen evenly.

Low Impact Training
So many athletes have impact injuries. Impact injuries often related to runners where knee and ankles joints are damaged due to the force of landing on each step. Kettlebell workouts do not have the impact as the motions are smooth with no sudden jolts on the body.
Less fitness equipment at home
Like most of us, we only have limited space at home. Space is at a premium. Kettlebells are compact and take little space, unlike barbells.

Because they are so compact, and they can easily fit in a cupboard or under the bed. It doesn’t take long to move them to an area you want to exercise. Moving barbells or exercise bike is a big effort to move and put in place.

Fun Workout
Finally, motivation to exercise at times is difficult. Some forms of exercise, quite frankly is repetitive and boring, like running on a treadmill. Not only it is repetitive. It is mindless.

At least with kettlebell workouts, you need to think about form while doing it at speed.
It is also like with kettlebells workouts you are doing in a group park environment which is always nice,

Kettlebell Features

Not all Kettlebells are the same. Below is a list of different aspects of a kettlebell when you are looking to purchase or using one. It is essential to choose an appropriate Kettlebell to avoid damaging your hands, wrists, and forearms.

The learn more for each aspect, just expand by hitting the orange icon to the right of the topic.

Kettlebell Material Construction
Kettlebells traditional have been made from cast iron. In recent years, kettlebells are made from stainless steel and in some lower-cost Kettlebells out of molded plastic or sand-filled vinyl bags.

The molded plastic and sand-filled bags are not designed for the balance as is for cast iron and stainless steel Kettlebells. It is not recommended as a kettlebell substitute

In competitions, stainless steel Kettlebells are used.

Handles: Single or Double hands
Kettlebells come in two sizes, single and double hand grip. The single grip kettlebells are nominally used for competitions and one arm exercises. The purpose of the smaller hand grip is to avoid any hand slippage.

The double handgrip is used for the kettlebell swing and other two-handed exercises. Double handed grips kettlebells are recommended if you are purchasing one for home fitness.

Handles: Shapes
Not surprisingly, different manufacturers have different shaped handles, from triangular to squarish to horseshoe shapes. The ideal handle should be flat to the Kettlebell for you to be able to place two hands comfortably without sliding.

It is not recommended to get a triangular or squarish handle Kettlebells as it places unnatural stress on the hands and forearms

Handles: Hand Space
Another consideration for handles is to have the ability to fit your hands through the handles. Some of them are quite narrow, making it a little uncomfortable to use
Handles: Grip Shape
In many of the Kettlebell exercises, there is the movement of the handle in hand. It is critical that the handle should be of a round shape to allow the smooth movement in the hand. There are several kettlebells in the market place that have squarish and triangular molded handles. Avoid these as they will damage your hands
Handles: Thickness
The grip is everything in using the Kettlebell. You need to ensure that the handle is not too thin or too thick to enable you to get your fingers the right around the handles.

The international competition standard for Kettlebell handles is 33 mm and 35 mm.

Handles: Smoothness
As most kettlebells are made from cast iron, in some products, there are rough edges. This will cut your hands. The handles, all over, should no be overly smooth or rough to enable grip when our palms become sweaty.
Handles: Plastic/Vinyl Coating
Kettlebell exercises are very strenuous and aerobic. The activities will cause you to sweat. Plastic and vinyl handles will tend to slip,

Keep an eye out for the plastic/vinyl finished of the handles as they often a seam that makes it uncomfortable,

Kettlebells with feet
Some manufactures have incorporated feet on Kettlebells. The thought was to present damaging the floor when finishing with the equipment.

We don’t recommend these as they could injure you while doing some fo the rigorous fitness routines.

Best Kettlebells on Offer

How many & what weight & should I purchase?

There are several considerations to know which weight to buy for oneself. This includes what state is your basic fitness, strength, whether you are physically big or small.

For the purpose of the article and you are reading this section of the article, I am assuming you would have little experience in using kettlebells. Our recommendation is always going for the lighter weight for the first number of months you refine, improve, and optimize your technique.

Before suggesting a weight, there are two different kettlebell exercises

  1. Explosive ballistic exercises, including swings, tossing, cleans, snatches, and juggling.
  2. Slow-moving controlled Grinds including Turkish Get-ups, bent presses, overhead presses, windmills, bent presses

Typically the explosive exercises need a heavier weight than the grind moves. For starting it would be recommended to purchase two kettlebells of different weights

Best-Kettlebell Weights Range
Condition Women Men
Grind Ballistic Grind Balistic
Out of Shape 4 to 6kg
9 to 13lb
6 to 8kg
13 to 18lb
6 to 8kg
13 to 18lb
12 to 16kg
26 to 35lb
Average 6 to 8kg
13 to 18lb
8 to 12kg
18 to 26lb
8 to 12kg
18 to 26lb
16 to 20kg
35to 44lb
Fit 8 to 12kg
18 to 26lb
12 to 16kg
26 to 35lb
12 to 16kg
26 to 35lb
16 to 24kg
35 to 53lb

Do I need to get two of each weight?

When you are starting, and until you get to have an excellent technique as observed by a registered kettlebell trainer, it is highly recommended that you do not do any dual kettlebell exercises. The potential of injury is exponentially increased.

What Is a Pood?

A pood is a Russian measurement of weight. It was the traditional weight of Kettlebells.

1.0 Pood – 16 kg – 35 lb kettlebell
1.5 Pood – 24 kg – 53 lb kettlebell
2.0 Pood – 32 kg – 70 lb kettlebell

Is Kettlebells for everyone?

The one-word answer is Yes,

Our suggestion, kettlebell training should be incorporated with your overall fitness program. Regardless if you are doing dancing, yoga, weightlifting or running. It will supplement the fitness program by ensuring more of muscles groups are being used as well avoiding and body and joint muscles imbalances,

Everyone would get benefit in participating in Kettlebell workouts including;

  • Professional athletes
  • Home Trainers
  • People with a minor back conditions

Kettlebells Product Review

We have come up with the list of popular and kettlebells that would meet your muscle repair and relaxation needs.

We asked physios and gym instructors to review the chosen kettlebells to give us some feedback. The thoughts and feedback products have been incorporated into the analysis.

This review intends to support your decision making to which is the best kettlebells for yourself.

Our recommendations are based on feedback from these professionals that evaluated on the basis of following criteria:


  • Material & Texture
  • Seamless Construction
  • Handle Texture
  • Solid Gripping
  • Handle to structure ratio
  • Exterior coating
  • Dynamic swing potential
  • Compactness and portability

  • Ability to shift hands while in use
  • One hand or two hand gripping
  • Weight variation models
  • Size Variations availability
  • Stability
  • Balance
  • Useability
  • Value for money
So, let’s get cracking!



Yes4All Kettlebells

Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

One of the very best in the market, with the vinyl protecting the floor, handle with great grip.

Starting from

Best Buy

TKO Scratch Free Kettle Bell

TKO Scratch Free Kettlebell

Very good looking Kettlebell.  The draw back, is it got a little slippery when the hands hot a bit sweaty.

If you had a towel, it could be a good pruchase

Starting from


Bionic Kettlebells

Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell

The feature of this Kettleball, is the soft outside as it didn’t hurt as much when it brushed you when doing the Kettlbell swing

Starting from

Good Buy

Kette Gryp Kellybell handles

Kettle Gryp Adjustable Kettlebell

This is a good altenative for some kettlbell exercises.  It was not good to so the Kettlebell Swing which is the most important exercise.


Not Really Kettlebell

Carp Kellybells

Cap Barbell Enamel Coated Kettlebell

The Handles of this Kettlebell was one of the most impressive.  It felt good in hands as well when it was being swung.  It was one of the favourites by the Gym instructors.

Starting from


Did you know?
 The first 45 minutes after exercise is the essential period to re-vitialise your muscles

TKO Scratch Free KettlebellTKO Scratch Free KettlebellTKO Scratch Free Kettlebell

Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

Rating: Excellent

Material: Cast Iron – Vinyl Covering

Weights: Ranges

Color: Color coded for weights

Price: Starting from $40

Yes4All Vinyl Kettlebels


  • Seamless construction offers long-lasting durability
  • The vinyl coating protects floors
  • Easy-to-grip handle


  • Rough usage can wear out vinyl coating
The Yes4All Kettlebell lets you swing in style. With a seamless cast iron construction, it holds no welds or weak spots, giving it heavy-duty strength. The Vinyl coated cover gives a comfortable hand feel, while at the same time protecting your floors when placed down after a thumping workout session. It is built to last, whether used indoors or outdoors.

This Kettlebell has a smooth, high-quality handle. Engraved with a slight texture, the handle provides a firm and secure grip to aid in high-intensity reps for both men and women. The design also offers access to various exercises. With a flat bottom, this Kettlebell enables upright storage and is perfect for pushups, handstands, renegade rows, and other dynamic exercises.

TKO Scratch Free Kettlebell

Rating: Very Good

Material: Cast Iron – Scratch Free Plastic Exterior

Weights: 8,10 and 15 lbs variants

Color: Black with hints of red

Price: Starting from $40

TKO Scratch Free Kettle Bell


  • Smooth wide-grip, allows shifting while working out
  • The scratch-free plastic shell protects floors 
  • Design enables muscle isolation exercises


  • The plastic exterior can generate cracks in the wake of falls or rough usage
The reason we have featured the TKO in our list of best kettlebells is the convenience its design offers. It gives you the leverage switch between hands while pulling off high-speed reps, while not losing out on balance. With an extra-wide handle, it provides you with not only a secure and comfortable grip but also allows for one or two-handed usage, depending on the nature of the exercise.

This Kettlebell also has a sturdy construction. The addition of the scratch-free plastic shell prevents damage to floors and provides extra durability to the internal structure. With a nuanced structural design, you can perform a range of exercises ranging from deadlifts to squats, and full-body workouts to isolate specific muscle groups and work on that dream body.

Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell

Rating: Excellent

Material: Soft-cushion like exterio

Weights:10,15,35,40 lbs variants

Color: Black

Price: Starting from $40

Bionic Kettlebell dimension


  • Soft exterior prevents injuries and property damage
  • Its Compact structure is easy to store and aids movement
  • Solid gripping handle


  • The exterior needs more care than most plastic or vinyl coated ones
Given a soft, cushion-like exterior, this Kettlebell protects you from any property damage or injuries, in the wake of an accidental drop. This reliability makes the Bionic Body one of the best kettlebells. You have the confidence to focus on the technicalities of your movement, rather than the off-chance of an injury. It features a compact structure that is convenient to store in your home gym while enabling modern training exercises.

The Bionic Body Kettlebell comes with an ergonomic handle, that gives you a solid grip. The dynamic weight distribution gives rise to the off-set center of gravity, which is uniquely beneficial for performing dynamic exercises while you maintain an optimal grip and superior balance.

Kettle Gryp Adjustable Kettlebell

Rating: Not really a Kettlebell

Material: Plastic

Weights: Not Applicable

Color: Orange

Price: Around $30

Kettle Gryp Kellybells


  • Super-light and portable for traveling
  • Can grip most standard dumbbells
  • Sturdy build quality


  • Not practical for swinging between the legs
  • Needs dumbbells to become a useful kettlebell
It is nearly impossible to travel with a standard kettlebell, because of the burgeoning weight.

This predicament is made easy with the innovative Kettle Gryp Adjustable Kettlebell.

It is the perfect accessory for your travel aspirations or gym bag.

Weighing less than one pound, it can grip most standard dumbbells and transform into a contemporary kettlebell instantly.

You never miss working out while on-the-go!

Kette Gryp Kellybell handles
Because of its ability to latch onto most standard dumbbells, this unique accessory is a great companion for your upward fitness curve. Start training with lighter weights, and move onto higher ones without having to buy new kettlebells every time. The operational convenience it extends makes this one of the best kettlebells.

There is a limitation that there a number of Kettlebell exercises cannot be done in a safe manner using this attachment,

Cap Barbell Enamel Coated Kettlebell

Rating: Very Good

Material: Cast Iron 

Weights: 10,15,20,40,50 lbs variants

Color: Black

Price: Starting from $20

Carp Kellybells Size


  • Durable enamel coating
  • Available in a variety of weights
  • Dependable construction is safe to grip and wield


  • Slightly smaller weight spread
Get your muscles soreness soothed in no time with this high-quality foam roller that comes with semi-firm density design. With this medium-ranged density, you can experience optimal muscle stimulation throughout its usage. It is beneficial in getting your tight muscles to lose so that nothing can stand in your way for a stronger and healthier lifestyle.

The best aspect of this Gaiam foam roller is that it comes with a 15 minute of “How To” Digital Workout video to assist you in having the productive exercise time. The levels at which it reduces soreness and tensions are quite remarkable and provides ideal comfort to back and legs muscles.

Carp Kellybells

Final Say

Kettlebells have evolved with time. Initially, it was just a simple metal ball casting that had a rudimentary handle, but as the complexity of modern dynamic movements changed these products. Now they feature ergonomically designed handles, better weight shapes, and protective coatings to shield from any potential injury or property damage.

There is a huge range of kettlebells available in the market. This my it nature shows the popularity of kettlebells as training and fitness aid,

The Kettlebell has become an essential piece of fitness equipment for most gyms and health clubs. Almost every gym, health club, and muscle club, you will see a range of Kettlebells.

The kettlebells in this article have been assessed by our instructors and physios test of effectiveness, comfort, ease of use, durability, and overall design prowess.

We sincerely hope you found this review useful.   It is hoped you have gained some insight on Kettlebells. Let us know


 Did you know?  The average person sweats between 0.8 litre (28 oz) to 1.4 litres (43oz)  per hour  of exercise


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