The Back Extension on Ball exercise, often called Swiss Ball Back Extension, is beneficial for your posture and the prevention of back injuries. This back extension exercise will develop and strengthen and will increase lower back movement. It is more often used to build on your abdominals (abs) muscles
Most people use this exercise after a workout, especially squatting or deadlifting. It helps develops the posterior chain.

The Back Extension is often the most neglected exercise, whereas it should be one of the most critical. Having strong lower back muscles will help with other exercises.

Back Extension on a ball is a perfect introduction before moving to more strenuous back extension exercise like on the bench.

3-8 Minutes

Muscle Group
Erector spinae Back, Abs, Illiocostalis lumborum, Longissimus thoracis, Spinalis


Fitness Type

Safety Icon

Safety Tips

If you are having trouble or just recently got in trouble with your lower back or thigh, then consult your doctor if you can do this exercise


Equipment Required

You will need a Balance Ball for this exercise. and a Yoga Mats.

Might need a fixed bench to support your weight during the exercise.

Number of Reps and/or Length of Time


3-4 minutes
5-10 reps
2-3 second hold
2-3 sets


3-6 minutes
10-20 reps
3-5 second hold
2-3 sets


4-8 minutes
20-30 reps
3-8 second hold
3-4 sets


Step 1  Watch the instructional video, then read the following for clarification.

Step 2  Lie straight slanting on the ball, with the toes touch the floor.

Step 3  Place your fingers on the side of your head. Do not place behind your head.

Step 4  Slowly lift your torso and shoulders upwards as far as you can and hold to your level. (You may need a something fixed for hold your feet down.

This will flex your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. Your body should be at least in a straight position.

Step 5  Slowly Lower your torso and rest for 2-4 seconds

Step 6  Repeat steps 3-4.

Make it happen and shock everyone

Fitness Tip

Choose a fitness regime that fits into your lifestyle. Though do try to make it at least 4 vigorous sessions of a minimum of 30 minutes each.

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