Forecast for this spring? Partly cloudy, 100% chance of rain and 0% chance of skipping a run – if you have a suitable raincoat, that is. We’ve put together some of the best options that can turn hoarfrost into a long run and an adventure jumping through puddles that allows you to stay longer in the most unpleasant rainfall. For most, how long you are ready to train in the rain – and how motivated you are to rush into the shower – depends on how well your jacket works against the elements

Water-resistance measurement

Waterproof jackets for runners are offered in a variety of sizes and weights, from light shells to durable outerwear, with hoods, zippered pockets, and other additions. The difference should be noted between waterproof and water-repellent.

Water resistance: the shell provides a thin waterproof layer between you and the elements, but also allows water to sometimes leak out during prolonged use in the rain.

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Water repellent

When clothing material is surface treated to make it difficult to penetrate water.


In completely waterproof jacket, materials and technologies are used that make it much more resistant to moisture even during long runs and heavy rains. Sometimes you will see the jacket’s waterproofness in units of 10 K / 10 K, 15 K / 15 K, or 20 K / 20 K. Using 10K / 10K as an example, the first number represents 10,000 mm of water per square inch on the outside that the jacket can withstand.

The second value of 10K indicates 10,000 grams of water vapor per square meter that the shirt can release from the inside. A 10K / 10K jacket is best suited for light rain, while a 20K / 20K rating means that your clothes will protect you from showers like Niagara Falls (a kind of). Except for the Brooks dome, which is waterproof, all the other jackets on this list are waterproof.

How we choose and test

All of these jackets include glued or sealed seams (or a similar protective layer) to provide you with waterproof protection, preventing moisture from seeping through the cracks. These jackets are also made from brands we know and trust here at Runner’s World, so you can be sure your choice is backed by real runners.

Our test team also tested a pair of jackets with waterproof tests. We weighed each of them, filled them with an improvised April shower (that is, a happy editor was doused with a shower head in each jacket), weighed every urine to see how much water they saved. After 40 minutes, we finally weighed every jacket in the last times to check how much they have dried.

Find the jacket that suits you from the options below and turn all of these treadmill tricks on a rainy day into outdoor escapades.

Arc’teryx Incendo Hoody


If you are looking for a running jacket with a high level of performance in all necessary parameters, Arc’teryx Incendo is our choice. Incendo performed quite well during our tests, and although the previous model had adequate ventilation, the side mesh panels in this latest version almost doubled in size, providing excellent breathability.

A carefully designed fitted jacket and flat stitched seams provide a high level of comfort even when wearing the running bag over.

There are only a few reasons why we would move away from Incendo as a running jacket. If it is icy, you may need something with a little more warmth and regulating power, like a softshell. Also, if you know that there will be significant rainfall, you might want to look for a jacket with Arc’teryx Incendo Gore-Tex instead of DWR processing.

Available Colors: Black, Navy, Grey, Red, Yellow

Durability: Heavy Duty for everyday wear and tear.

Material: Composite Mapping Technology strategically places each fabric for most effective protection and climate management
Price: $70 to $180


  • Minimal weight
  • Can pack into its pocket
  • Good low light visibility/reflectors


  • Nothing notable

Eddie Bauer BC Uplift Jacket

This lightweight jacket comes with waterproof technology to keep you dry. The tight nylon shell has a water resistance of 20K / 20K. BC Uplift also features “storm repellent” technology that makes it easy to release moisture.

Our tester ran through the snow (with several layers below it) and found that it was dry after running. In our shower test, the jacket was tied to Janji’s Rainrunner package, drying at the same speed, with a difference of only 0.2 ounces from its original weight (initially 5.5 ounces, wet 6.4 ounces) 5.7 ounces after drying).

Our tester liked that the Eddie Bauer Uplift jacket does not add extra volume when wearing on the run. The packaging was also a favorite feature.

The BC Uplift can bump into your chest pocket, allowing you to easily throw in your tracksuit or racing belt when the sun comes out.

Colors: Black, Primento

Material: Nylon,StormRepel® Super DWR

Price: $70+


  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Self Packable


  • A little delicte for bush working

Arcteryx Trino

Arc’teryx Trino offers unrivaled temperature control with high performance in cold weather. Gore-Windstopper laminate on the chest feels like a shield when the wind blows, while highly breathable materials placed in crucial areas make overheating almost impossible. Although many jackets can work well in a narrow temperature range, the optimal performance range for Trino is vast. After several months of testing, this became our training jacket, despite the enormous weight.

Whether you are planning on doing a severe winter training, running down the hills or climbing a mountain, Arc’teryx Trino is simply awesome. If you go out to the foothills on a chilly morning, this may be a little redundant, although temperature control is overwhelming. If you want to avoid the need to spill layers or put more layers in the middle of an activity, Trino helps you feel in control.

Colors: Yellow, Black
Material: Windstopper & stretchy polyester blend
Price: $90+


  • Good running jacket
  • Unmatched temperature regulation
  • Comfortable
  • Weather resistance


  • Less rohbust
  • No outside pockets

Gore Wear Hooded Jacket R7 Shakedry Trail

After 106 miles of ultra-running on Mount, our tester named the original R7 jacket the best he has ever worn. This new tear-resistant version retains everything he loved in his predecessor but gets a more reliable update for the tracks.

While remaining lightweight and extremely breathable, this Gore-Tex pickaxe has a built-in hood with elastic muscle ribs for strong winds and heavy rainfalls.

In addition, the front zippered bag is large enough to hide essentials for your long runs and even doubles as a retractable pocket if the weather clears. The Gore Wear Hooded Jacket is an exemplary running jacket.


Material: GORE-TEX Active Shakedry Technology

Colors: Black, Grey, Lime/Blue and many more.

Price:  $150+


  • Durably Waterproof
  • Extremely breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Packable


  • Not suitable for use with a backpacks

Salomon S / Lab MotionFit 360 Jacket

The Salomon S / LAB MotionFit 360 ° jacket is the most innovative waterproof running jacket on this list for several reasons. Firstly, it has a waterproof and windproof membrane and also controls breathability and humidity very well. I think the biggest innovation is how easily you can take it off while running. The jacket has an elastic waistband that allows you to store it around the waist without removing it. This means that you can also pull it on your running bag when you need to put it on again. Because of this, it is probably the perfect waterproof jacket for racing.

If you are interested in what MotionFit 360 ° is, this is a pattern designed for smooth body movement to provide maximum freedom of movement. Designed with GORE-TEX® Active fabrics, these jackets are designed to provide maximum breathability and are ideal for aerobics during the day.

Each seam of the Salomon S / Lab MOTIONFIT 360 jacket is sealed from the elements and comes with a hood that has a minimalist design that fits without the use of laces. Jacket fit is what Salomon calls Active Fit, which means it fits tight and allows you to move. Not too tight-fitting, not too loose.

Available Color: Black

Material: Uperlight GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY fabric

Price:   $280+


  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Lightweight


  • Low Breathability
  • Expensive

Brooks Men’s Canopy Jacket (Lightweight Men’s Running Jacket)

Brooks Men’s Canopy Jacket (Lightweight Men’s Running Jacket) portable, for protection on the go, focus on where you are heading, not what you wear. You will not leave home without it, whether it is packed and ready to work if necessary or physically, and will go quickly to save wind and water.

You are prepared for everything from clear sky to cloudy. Keep your cell phone and ID in your inner security pocket and hold the headset cord in place using the zipper.

the Brooks Men’s Canopy Jacket also comes with a hood for extra coverage.

Available Color: Black/Black stripe, Blue with black strips, Yellow with black strips, Grey with black strips,

Material: DriLayer Technology

Compact: Packable into Front pocket

Price: $120+


  • Weather-resistant
  • Breathable fabric
  • Moisture controlling


  • limited colorways
  • Expensive

Final Say

There are many high quality jackets in the market place.  

From our research there is a very large range in prices in the products and some would be hard to justify the prices difference.  


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