Are you in a serious dilemma if carbs are boon or bane to your health? While many people are eliminating refined carbohydrates from their diet due to low-carb dietary fab, others believe that carbohydrates are essential as they are the primary source of fuel.

This makes it pretty important that we feast on healthy carb-rich food and keep the unhealthy carb at bay. It makes good sense to see what different kinds of carbohydrates are and enumerate the facts that suggest some are bad while others are good.

We need to understand that not all carbs are made equal. Therefore, we have master-curated a guide to know your carbs and how to ditch them effectively.

What are Carbohydrates or Carbs?

Carbohydrates are known as the chief source of energy for the human body and are present in most of the food that you consume. Every count of carbohydrates that are taken in is eventually converted into glucose, which produces energy.

But it is the nutritional value and the time taken for digestion linked with each that differentiates the good from the bad. To keep the balance intact, you can read about the balanced nutrients at Nutrients Density way to Healthier way to healthier life.   

Say Hello to Good Carb

Foods that contain good carbohydrates are rich in fibers that usually take a lot of time to get digested and lead to a smooth release of glucose into your blood. You may feel full, and your blood sugar levels get more stable. Such carbohydrates are complex and found in starchy foods, for instance, pulses, whole grains, and even starchy vegetables.

And Bid Adieu to Bad Carb

On the other hand, the foods that are rich in simple sugars are often digested very quickly by your body, and you get that sudden gush of energy. This not only depletes too soon but also leads to an increase in blood sugar level in your body.

Such simple sugars are found in the regular white sugar and are also called added sugar. It adds to calories without adding any vitamins, fibers, or even minerals. Hence, they result in weight gain. Other examples are carbonated drinks, table sugar, candy, desserts, pasta, white rice, ready-to-eat cereals, yeast bread, etc.


Effects of Refined Carbohydrates on the body

Every time you bite into your favorite dessert or try out pasta, you might be making your tongue happy but not the rest of the body. This is because the list of ill-effects they have on your body is alarming, and the only way you can dodge the effects is by avoiding them. Here are some reasons why you will be compelled to think twice before having them next time:

Low in Nutrients

While refined are loaded with calories, they come with low nutrient value. During the processing of these, the whole nutrients are striped, off the bran (that forms the outer portion of the grain) that contains fiber, minerals, and even vitamins.

Even the germ layer is taken off during processing, as it rips off the minerals like the manganese, iron, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. As all the vital nutrients being removed, these are just hollow calories that do more harm than building in the body.

Rise in Blood Glucose

Refined carbohydrates have a High Glycemic Index (a number assigned to food items depending on their effect on the level of blood glucose in the body).

Refined carbohydrates shoot up the blood glucose levels very fast. Contrastingly, the complex carbs keep you full for a longer time and are known to be low in calories.

Increased Diabetes Risk

As the blood glucose levels rise, insulin is secreted by the beta cells in the pancreas. Insulin helps shuttle glucose molecules back into the cells, where glucose gets converted into energy.

However, continued consumption of refined carbs constantly keeps the blood glucose-insulin levels in the body high. Your body eventually becomes resistant to insulin, and your body cells stop responding to insulin. This leaves you hungry and tired throughout the day.


Refined carbohydrates tend to get digested early, so you get hungry very quickly, and you tend to eat more. Although you may feel hungry in reality, your body has more glucose than is required for performing daily body operations, and it then gets stored in the body as fat. Science has also proved that excessive consumption of refined fats leads to the build-up of belly fat.

Not only these, but excess of refined carb has also proven to have effects on heart and gut. Therefore, instead of suffering from the ramification of the aftermath of consuming refined carb, it’s better to curb them from the diet. After all, precaution is better than a cure.

Trusted Ways to Ditch Refined Carbohydrates

There is nothing like a conscious decision to have healthy food. You should read  how to ditch extra sugar. Here are some ways that will be handy in your effort:

Complete No to Sweetened Drinks: Remember, sugar-sweetened beverages are incredibly high in refined carbohydrates and have been usually linked to Type 2 diabetes, and even insulin resistance.

Cut the Bread Intake: Although bread is included in staple food in many cuisines, the fact remains that it is very high in carbs and not in fibers. This is primarily true for the white bread that is made from refined grains.

No Readymade Fruit Juices: Even for 100% fruit juice, there is a sizeable amount of sugar content. There can be some amount of vitamins and minerals, but it is no better than the aerated drinks.

Eggs are Healthy: If you have to cut on carbs, then eggs are the best alternative and rich in nutrients. Also, rich in protein, they are supply body with the required nutrients. And the best part is eggs are pretty appetizing, so it helps to curb the incessant craving in between the meals

You can also feast on meat, poultry, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, non-starchy vegetables, coconut milk, etc. to treat your body with healthy carbs. It should be understood that not all carbs are our enemies, and moderate consumption of healthy carb is only going to benefit you.

Final Say- Ditch the Refined Carbohydrates

Hope you found this article interesting and have learned something new.

There is so much information that is hard to comprehend.  We have tried to turn the information to every day english for us normal people to understand.



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