Always feeling hungry. Often feeling like you are running on an empty stomach? Well, it kinda looks like you are first in line for having negative dietary displacement. So, you then begin to think to yourself, am I eating the right kind of food that will satisfy my need for vitamins and nutrition?

In most seminars that I attend, I care to take notice of the people in the lunch table line. There was one particular incident when a woman of the fabulous physique, obviously into health and fitness, carefully picking out her meal and deciding to eat a delectable vegetable sandwich and two kinds of fruit slices.

While behind her was a colleague who seemed to be the total opposite – fat and unhealthy. True to her physique, she picked out a can of soda and piece of pie for lunch.

You might think, why should people care? That’s my lunch, am I not supposed to have the freedom to pick put what I want to eat?

Well, the dietary gods are concerned, and they are looking out for you. Deciding to eat anything, and everything everyday is definitely the reason why people are becoming obese and unhealthy

But how to measure net carb?  Take note that the net card is not the same as the TOTAL carbohydrates that you see in food labels.  The total carbohydrate count includes fiber. But since your body cannot digest fiber, we should take this out of the equation. Thus, NET CARB = TOTAL carbsfiber content.

For this label, carbohydrates are measured at 15g and fiber content at 3g.  That means net carbohydrate content is 12g.

So if you are on a carb net watch following your keto diet or non-specific low-carb diet, here’s are the top net-carbs friendly fruits to add to your list:


Avoid negative dietary displacement

Do you have a friend who sacrifices eating a healthy salad with greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, sunflower seeds, and flax vinaigrette to give way for a creamy frappe and chocolate cake to cap the day?

Here is an everyday example of negative dietary displacement commonly practice by many, unfortunately. You know that you are a part of that community when you skip out on your healthy meal and replace them with junk food. Do they it to stop feeling hungry?

Though it does not really matter, right? When you keep track of your calorie count and keep your diet in check, you are good to go – or is that really the case?

This is not entirely true. Practicing negative dietary displacement eventually translates to, naming a few, binge eating, lack of satisfaction in your meals, lack of nutrients in your intake, gaining fat instead of muscles, and at the same time lowering your energy levels.

You are gone to wrong at all levels. To sum it all up, you become cranky, you will look awful, and to top it all off – you still feel like you are running on an empty stomach!  Just great.

2  Always go where the grass is greener – Positive dietary displacement

On the other hand, would you know of someone who courageously skips that big, chewy brownie or just takes a little bite because they know the full nutritious meal that they had?

Positive dietary displacement is when a person religiously chooses to eat clean and healthy every single day without believing that there is always room for dessert or junk.

If humans choose this kind of lifestyle, they will feel the energy, totally satisfy their taste buds, intake tons of nutrients for lean muscle development, and decrease body fat composition.  At the same time, you will look good, feel great, and you know that your tummy is in the right place – this is positive dietary displacement. Count me in.

Alter your diet to stop feeling hungry

As a person tries to alter his diet to a more healthy and well-balanced one, you exert more effort in keeping watch of food that you should be avoiding.

Then you ask yourself, will this really make a difference? Is it vital to stress out on what kind of healthy food you will be eating in the next few hours?  That is hard enough.  It’s not bad to feeling hungry.  Eating with an appetite makes the next meal all the more enjoyable.

A person’s regular food intake takes about 3 to 4 pounds a day. If we fill this up with healthy food, then we would not have any room left for junk food. This will only work for our good.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Daily activities and routines fall into the same category.  Surrounding yourself with the right people, being in a pleasant environment, attending events that will help you out in your career growth, then you wouldn’t have time for your dirty old habits like smoking a cigarette, enjoying the red light district, or excessive internet surfing and games.

3 Feeling Hungry -Choose calories wisely

It is very evident that populations in urban areas are becoming more obese. This kind of environment and fast-paced life will make you exert extra effort on keeping track of your calories.  Instead of making sure that the food you put in your mouth is healthy enough to get you through the day, the everyday battle of calculating your consumed calories will stress you out.  Avoid loosing the focus on preparing a well-balanced diet throughout the day.

How much counting do you do?

If you exert a lot of effort in counting your calories to enjoy a hefty microwaveable meal or a mochaccino in your favorite cafe or a bar of chocolate, no matter what you count it is still an unhealthy diet.

Humans do this because they think and know that they only have a few meals in a day to accommodate all their cravings.  With this, they make sure that they save space for Hot Pots, a glass of frappe, and that piece of sweet candy.

Read our article on low carb fruit.

Though, we all know that there is a big difference between a candy and kale calorie.  Non-food calories become fat, make you easily sick, always make you feel hungry, keeps you preoccupied with food, and gives you low energy levels.

Spot the difference.

This is going to be easy because your brain and body will surely know.
An extensive calorie count can cause more trouble than you think.

Everybody is aware that unhealthy eating will result in becoming overweight and sickly. When you become too focused on keeping track of your calories, there is that urge to set aside space for that similar and unhealthy substitute.  Then this is where all dietary displacement develops – keeping track of calories, points, and grams.

Calorie count = fine. Extensive calorie count = not so fine.

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4 Understand your appetite to avoid feeling hungry

People might find it fascinating to know that the most significant factor contributing to dietary displacement is one that is beyond our reach, and this is appetite.

Humans often think that they do not have power over their appetite.  So, they do not exert effort (even for those who are considered experts on diet and nutrition), or people find an alternative way to control it (people still do).

Take control

Like how we have control over everything, our appetite included. The amount of calories is not the main culprit for our appetite, but rather the amount of food intake.

Simply put, one’s appetite is based on the overall amount of food intake that goes through our digestive system.

Our bodies can self regulate

Our body is smart enough to detect that there has been an ample amount of intake, then we become satisfied. Stop over eating thinking it will prolong your thought of feeling hungry later.

In cases where only a small amount of food is taken in, we become hungry (note: this is based on real psychological hunger and not on “head hunger.”   This refers to the time when a person eats for all the other reasons aside from physical hunger.  You can’t satisfy with food or drink

So, it is safe to say that the amount of food intake is seemingly more important than the calorie content if you are looking into genuinely feeling full for a longer time during the day

The vast number of junk, like candies, frappes, and scones, in a day, would make you gain more weight that will be stored as fat somewhere in your body.

But if you choose a well-balanced and healthier diet, it will help you maintain that healthy and fit lifestyle.

Is your diet 90% healthy and nutritious and 10% junk – or is it the other way around? Are you choosing treats and sweets over leafy greens and vegetables?

 Is it doing you any good so far?

We will be even better if we choose to eat healthily and stay fit rather than enjoy simple pleasures in life and have a hard time letting it out of the system.

Humans tend to be very stubborn that they prefer to eat only the treats because it is more convenient.

Avoid skipping the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Missing breakfast is likely to mean feeling hungry from the start of the day.  You would be tempted to reach over for a piece of candy, a bag of potato chips and can of soda.  But if we start our day right and eat right, it would definitely go a long way throughout the day.

Start thinking about letting go of your bad habits and choosing to replace them with the good ones.  It will certainly help out a lot when you eat healthy because there is that long-term effect inside and outside of you.  Should that desire to eat junk cross your mind, choose to eat healthily and check to see if that urge to eat junk is still there.

5 Ask for help to learn how to stop feeling hungry

To most, putting effort into the dining and living right is not attainable, especially when progress is slow and not visible.  Experts know that you have to understand what you are looking for in order for you to see the progress that you want.

This is the very reason coaches and nutritionists work with clients in achieving a better lifestyle and the best shape, despite the challenges that come from time to time.
Stop feeling hungry and ask a local nutritionist for help.


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